Photo taken in Kyoto, Japan by Reiki Grand Master Randall A. Hayward.
Master Reiki Teacher Pam Adler,
teaching and practicing Reiki in the
San Francisco Bay Area and the Washington, DC area,
elsewhere by arrangement.

"For lasting change to occur on the
physical,emotional or spiritual level,
it must occur first on an energy level".

About Pam Adler

Reiki Master, Pam Adler has been teaching Reiki in several locations around the United States since 1988, as well as having taught in Singapore. She is on the teaching staff of Dr. Gay Luce's Nine Gates Mystery School and is on the healing staff of Rita Hovakimian's Body Esteem Workshops.

Pam is a Pastoral Counselor Intern at Jeremiah Abrams' Mt. Vision Institute. In her new enterprise, Health Crisis Counseling and Management, Pam counsels clients facing health crisis, acts as an advocate, and administers energy healing before, during, and after surgery in the tradition of Julie Motz.

Pam lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a bi-coastal private practice. Her journeys to Japan, studying the roots of Reiki, continually add new depth and dimension to her trainings and sessions. Pam is often invited to speak on Reiki and energy medicine.

PHONE: 707-935-9355

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