Reiki Trainings

Reiki is a special body of knowledge that is transferred from the Reiki Master to student energetically, in a precise process of attunement. Once activated, this energy is immediately available and remains with you for life, becoming more powerful as you use it.

The First Degree is the level in which you are aligned to the Reiki through a series of attunements. You begin to view the world from an energetic standpoint and learn the hand positions for traditional Reiki treatments on yourself and others, as well as how to use the energy in conjunction with other modalities both Eastern and Western. Once initiated, whatever your state of mind or circumstances, you can easily use this healing, balancing energy on yourself and others through your hands.

The Second Degree training is available to those who have completed First Degree and wish to pursue the next, more powerful level of the System. The Second Degree attunement, along with Multi-Dimensional Energy Keys taught in the training, accelerate the healing process, increase the flow of energy, and enable you to use the Reiki energy outside your immediate physical location; in the past and in the future, in addition to the present; and on situations and groups as well as on individuals.

Advanced Second Degreetm and Reiki Healing Circles are also offered for more in-depth training and to enhance and "fine tune" the use of this energy. Each training is supported by course material and certification by the Reiki Foundationtm.

Third Degree, Master/Teacher is available by application. This is a comprehensive, year-long, individually tailored program, certified by the Reiki Foundationtm.

Continuing Education Units for Nurses in California

Nurses receive six C.E.U. contact hours for each training.

(California Board of Registered Nursing Provider Number CEP 9282)

What Else is Available?

Advanced Second Degree Reikitm

The Inner Symbology of Reikitm

Resources of the Reiki Foundationtm

Annual trips to Japan with the Reiki Foundationtm

Reiki and the Thirteen Buddhas of Shingon Buddhismtm

Third Degree Master / Teacher Training
(a year-long apprenticeship program available by application)

"Pam is an inspired, dedicated Reiki Teacher who has taught with Nine Gates for many years. I know of no other Reiki teacher who so inspires her students to use Reiki in their daily lives."

Dr. Gay Luce, Director, Nine Gates Mystery School

"Pam stands out as a distinction in her field. Her commitment to bring Reiki to greater levels of healing is evident in her continuous education. She was a nation-wide healer with The Body Esteem Workshop for several years, where hundreds of women created new lives by working with her."

Rita Hovakimian, President, Fitness & Beyond

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Trainings & Sessions in Other Locations

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